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One of my old things!

Hello everyone! I'm a new member and of course I have quite a passion for old things so I thought I'd show you one of my precious darlings.
This is my projector... I think!

More images and description under cut! (please tell me if the image not under cut should be resized)

I was looking at some old polaroid cameras at my local thrift store when I spotted this bag hidden under an umbrella, curious as I am I opened it and discovered...

something absolutely fantastic! A beautiful item. I had no idea what it was so I asked one of the women who works there and she had no idea either.

It didn't really matter to me what it was because I was already in love with it so I bought it (for 30 SEK, about the prize of a big watermelon).

At home I looked closer at it and discovered that you could open it like this and reveal a lamp and a holder for a picture frame so I figured it was an old projector.

It looks a bit like an Opel Rekord Olympia from the fifties/sixties according to my family... and I quite agree :)

What do you think about it?

Sorry if the post is long or boring :)
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The sizing of the photos is fine for me... nice find! Try getting someone to play some live music while you give a slideshow! This harks back to the old silent movie days and can be quite effective.
It sounds very effectful, but unfortunately I don't use it for slideshows because it's so old and it starts smoking when I try... But I have it on display in my book shelf :)
Loved your pictures. All are super! Thanks for sharing. I'm new on here too. Wish I could upload pictures of the old things I collect, (my list is extensive).
Oh, it is so sad that it doesn't work!