May 20th, 2005

I'm smiling through the TEARS

Request for Submissions

I am setting up a website devoted to firing people's imaginations about train travel. It's going to combine vintage images, articles and (possibly, ideally) flash presentations on the history of train travel, specifically focussing on introducing young people to the extent of the American train system before it was dismantled. I find that the biggest block people have to understanding transportation politics is they just really cannot imagine how good things were before we wrecked it! It will also contain a blog about transportation policies, links to and reviews of extant railways, and writings about trains both old and new.

I am looking for:

* people who would be interested in having blogs about trains hosted
* collections of images - real photographs and vintage advertisements
* articles, esp. about the history of train travel
* any other ideas?

This will not be a paying gig yet, but I want the site to be *at least* self-supporting, and possibly even generate income. If I can find good policy wonk bloggers especially, this could be something that would pay for your lattes.

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