June 1st, 2008

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 Hey guys, I'm new and I love the community already!

Today I went out to check on our new house, also an antique! and we stumbled across an antique barn on the way, we pulled over and walked through it, and I noticed an old typewriter hanging out on one of the shelves. We asked how much for it, and he said $45.00, the keys work, and everything is in good working order. 

I've done a bit of research on my new baby, and found very little about it. What I have found has been bits and pieces, I found this website that shows a similar typewriter, everything seems in accordance HOWEVER what you will notice is that on the top of the typewriter where it says "L.C. Smith" on mine, it doesn't have the "Secretarial," in smaller lettering above it! Another thing I found interesting is that I ACTUALLY DID FIND THE S/N, which is 1165360B, anyway I've read on THIS SITE that anything under 2 million is made before the 1930's, well my s/n is in the earlier of one million. I'm having a really hard time finding any information on what year it could have been made in, and what I did find turned out that it was nothing like my typewriter at all, since mine isn't the Silent No. 8, featured here, you'll notice it says Silent on the front of the machine, where mine simply says L.C. Smith Corona Typewriter Inc...

I've attacked it with the canned air, just to dust under the spools for the ribbon, etc. We bought a ribbon that was good for a newer underwood, and it fit into the old spools it came with, so it works now. Right now, we're looking at taking it to an appraiser, or someone who can tell me how old the typewriter is, etc.