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Books and things

Hello, I haven't posted here before to the best of my knowledge but I've been lurking for a while. I love old stuff such as old typewriters, cameras, telegraphs and such. I have a few nifty things from my Grandfather such as a 1912 Grafflex, glass slide projector with tons of glass slides, turn of the century post card projector and random odd things like that. I also found a book amongst my things, it is Edison's Encyclopaedia. I don't know when it is from but it is certianly a bit out of date. The last election they mention is 1888, most info is from 1868. I think that I might start posting random bits from it in my journal since some are very interesting and an insight into how the world was viewed back then. I need to post pictures soon of the various items that might be of interest to others here.
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