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here's a fabulous expirence i just had whilst attempting to apply for a job at safeway:

getting a job is the most obnoxious process. paper applications do not exist anymore. you have to do it online and half the time, the online applications don't work. i started one, made a mistake, hit the back button within the application and it crashed on me. now it will only let me go back to the one i started which always crashes at the same point.
so because of modern technology, i cannot apply to safeway because my incomplete application is already in their system and their system is fucked so i can't complete it, no matter what computer i'm at.

am i the only one this frustrated with the process of getting a job nowadays? i think these online things filter 'unqualified' people out and my lack of refrences prevents me from getting an interview in the first place. impersonal application processes do not equal jobs for good people.
i can't even find the plain old all-purpose i-wanna-sell-yuppies-coffee-in-the-morning application on the (barf barf) starbucks website.
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