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Zelda's Vintage Reource List

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again where I’d love to share our vintage resource list from Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau (! Our third issue came out in October 2010, and we have a lot of fabulous vintage finds to check out...and do tell them Zelda sent you! The list is under the cut...

MISS DARCY DESIGNS - - NYC-based milliner extraordinaire who makes beautiful flapper hats! You can customize almost anything, and I have four hats from Miss Darcy- all spectacular!

ART DECO SOCIETY OF NEW YORK - - A must for NYC-area deco enthusiasts…lectures, tours, cocktail parties, and more- explore NYC’s treasure trove of deco architecture and objects with ADSNY!

VINTAGE FASHION EXPO - - California vintage lovers : the next Vintage Fashion Expo arrives in San Francisco on March 19-20th! Check their site for Santa Monica dates as well…a tremendous collection of vendors are always at the Expo…I have found some of my favorite early 20th century dresses here!

VINTAGE BLUE MOON - - Fabulous resource for clothing, accessories, and more…my favorite 40s dress I own came from VBM! Find them all over the west coast at shows and markets, or online!

STELLA SHOWS - - Attention NYC! The Pier Antiques show returns March 12-13th! The Pier Show is an amazing resource for everything from vintage/antique furniture to clothing to jewelry to objets d’arts. Visit Stella’s site to find out about their other shopping shows as well!

KD DESIGN STUDIO - - Attention vintage brides! Kim makes amazing wedding/evening jewelry from vintage pieces that are perfect for today’s vintage maven. I’ve had my eye on a number of items in Kim’s shop over the years- and she’s gotten a Bride’s Choice award for the second year in a row from Wedding Wire! One of a kind and wonderful!

RG CANNING/ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET - - RG Canning hosts some of the best flea markets and outdoor shopping on the West Coast! On the second Sunday of the month, be in Pasadena for the famed Rose Bowl Flea Market : clothing, accessories, furniture, ephemera – EVERYTHING! Check their site for information on events in San Bernardino, Ventura, and more!

MEGAN LYNCH - - Do you love those hot jazz tunes from old WB cartoons? Megan’s first album is a lovely compilation of just that. “Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me” is a must-listen for fans of this genre, and Megan really makes it her own being backed by 2 members of R. Crumb’s Cheap Suit Serenaders!

TOASTER CENTRAL - - THE resource for working vintage kitchen appliances! I have a toaster AND a 1920s marshmallow toaster (hello s’mores!) from Michael. Toasters, wafflers, popcorn poppers- he has it all. TC’s selection is always fantastic, and all items are in working order. (He even has a page of non-working items which can be used as décor items in the kitchen- great bargains for a great looking vintage kitchen!)

PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ - - Vintage repro clothing from the UK with free international shipping! 1930s/40s repro styles for both ladies and gents! I am loving their ladies’ blouses and coats…all fully customizable from fabrics to fit! Treat yourself!

FENHAM PUBLISHING - - Attention, lovers of vintage sci-fi! Fenham is an independent publishing house which features the work of C.M. Eddy, Jr. – a friend and confidant of both of H.P. Lovecraft and Harry Houdini! Collections of his horror short stories and weird tales await you! Get your copies through Fenham!

NOBLE SAVAGE VINTAGE - - An amazing online vintage clothing and accessory resource – particularly for early 20th century items! Right now they have a lovely array of 1910s/20s beaded evening bags, an Edwardian Stetson bowler (hello, guys!), and loads of lovely lace and crepe dresses pre-1940s.

PREVIOUSLY CHICAGO - - Gorgeous handmade garters, ribbonwork, and accessories sewn in the style of the 1920s. These pieces are delicate, delicious, and exquisitely made with period-correct textiles/ribbon as well. A perfect gift for that special vintage-loving gal!

DAN LEVINSON- - In the world of jazz and swing, Dan is legendary for his prowess on the clarinet and sax, and as a band leader as well…explore Dan’s bands and music here! His ensembles range from ragtime groups to swing orchestras to hot club gypsy jazz. His albums are essential additions to any vintage lover’s music collection.

MADDOG SWING - - Costumes, corsetry, and vintage-style dresses! Whether you’re a performer looking for a custom-made stunner or into pinup style, Maddog Swing has you covered! Treat yourself to a made-to-order yowzer piece from MS!

WHAT KATIE DID - – Attention vintage pinups!! What Katie Did is THE purveyor of vintage-style lingerie and pinup attire…whether your desired look is Weimar or Betty Grable – WKD has it. Stockings, corsets, girdles- its ALL here, and made in the UK just for you!

LAVENDER’S GREEN - - This is THE place for authentic reproduction clothing from 1776-WWII! Whether its Colonial, Regency, Edwardian, or Flapper – Lavender’s Green has a wide range of offerings for both men and women! Undergarments, too!

HEY SAILOR! HATS - - I have many a Hey Sailor! Hat in my collection, and I love each dearly. From distinctive cocktail hats to fascinators to the new cloche collection- Hey Sailor has you covered in the ‘vintage nouveau’ style of headwear! A must see for lovers of tiny top hats and doll-lovers!

THE PINK BIRDHOUSE - - I love my flapper garters from TPB! These are fantastic gifts for vintage brides, or a gift for yourself! My favorites are the flapper girl garters, and the vintage kitty button garters. A truly girl, truly lovely handmade addition to your vintage lingerie wardrobe!

FASCINATORS NYC - - Lovely fascinators and basic headpieces at VERY reasonable prices! The perfect feather accents to any outfit, and also a great piece to build on if you want to glitz it up more with crystal or other vintage trimmings.

BLOODDROP CLOTHING & FINERIES - - Astrid makes lovely corsets, parfum, and more! I have to say, many of Blooddrop’s scents are quickly becoming favorites of mine…these vials of handmade parfum are wonderful gifts (to yourself or someone special!) and have an aire of vintage decadence about them that I can’t get enough of! Blooddrop is also a purveyor of Zelda!

LIZZIE THOMAS - - Lizzie is a NYC-based jazz vocalist specializing in tunes of the 20s-40s! Catch her around Manhattan, and give a listen to her debut album – “More Than You Know”…I was lucky to meet Lizzie last year- a sweetheart and a talent!

GASLIGHT ORIGINAL BEADWORK - - For the serious lover of beaded accessories! Gaslight specializes in high-end beaded accessories – for the neo-flapper who needs it ALL, Gaslight is art-to-wear. Bags, headpieces, belts, jewelry, and more…all beaded by hand in deco motifs, arts-and-crafts styles, and even Klimt-inspired pieces.

BLITZ VISAGE - - Vintage styling, makeup, and more! In the Southern California area and want to do a pinup photo shoot? Vintage style glamour session? Contact Blitz Visage for all of your makeup needs!

VINTAGE GIRL STUDIOS - - Krzystyna Caldarone brings the vintage glamour to Providence, RI with Vintage Girl Studios! Book your own portrait sessions with vintage/pinup makeup, styling, and more. Boudoir photo sessions available as well! A unique treat to give yourself to capture that perfect moment in time!

VINTAGE CITY EYEWEAR - - A great resource for all genres of vintage glasses/eyewear! You can catch VCE at the Vintage Expos as well as other shows in the CA area, or online! Vintage frames as well as new frames in unique, vintage-inspired styles. Have fun with your eyes!

PAPERTOPIAS - - Have you ever wanted a doll made of YOURSELF? Custom paper dolls are available, as well as sets of vintage-style dolls from illustrator Ruth Irving of Brooklyn, NY. This is a truly unique idea for a gift, as well as a great offering for lovers of paper goods!

GEORGINA KELMAN WORKS ON PAPER - - Purveyor of fine prints, drawings, and watercolors from the Victorian Era to the Jazz Age! I picked up a lovely fashion print from 1919 from Georgina…and still covet so many of the pieces in her collection. This is a great place to look for a very special gift for a turn-of-the-century art lover!

SEVENTH MUSE - - One of my favorite stops for affordable vintage-y gifts and treats! Fun jewelry/cameo sets as well as a large array of scented body oils with beautiful vintage packaging. Especially lovely for hostess gifts and exchanges!

MERMAID BY CAROLYN TURGEON - – Available on March 1st, Carolyn’s book is a dark re-telling of The Little Mermaid, and has been called ‘a fairy tale for adults’. A gothic twist on a true classic- pre-order yours now!

I DESIRE VINTAGE POSTERS - - A huge selection for the early 20th century art lover : from pochoirs to original posters and more! I love their selection of advertising art as well as the fashion pochoirs…a broad collection, and a delightful company to deal with!

GELBER & MANNING - - NYC’s favorite musical pair! Stride pianist Jesse Gelber and songbird Kate Manning bring amazing life to ragtime and hot jazz tunes all over the NYC area…and their web series, Gelber & Manning : In Pictures, is getting attention in Hollywoodland! Get your hands on G&M albums and find out where you can catch them live and in person!

THRIFTY VINTAGE CHIC - - Vintage/thrift maven Robin has made a career (and a blog!) out of being a chic gal who picks up her style in thrift stores and vintage shops! Recently, Robin was on the Nate Berkus Show styling a room on a thrift store budget. Follow Robin’s adventures in thrift, and pick up a lot of useful tips for how to be truly stylish on a budget!

THE VINTAGE JEWELRY BOUTIQUE - - An impressive selection of vintage costume jewelry and decorative items for your boudoir/home! Trifari, Weiss, Coro – lots of amazing designers in the world of costume jewelry all reside here! I’m currently into this gorgeous sunflower demi parure…just gorgeous. And great prices, too!

CLADRITE RADIO - - Our Zelda writer, Brett, is also behind one of our favorite vintage online radio sites! Cladrite is a great bookmark and regular read for those who love learning new tidbits about musicians and stars from the Golden Era. Also check out Cladrite Tees – if you love vintage graphics, get ‘em on a tee at Cladrite! (My guy loves them!)

DON SPIRO - – Zelda photographer and burlesque/pinup portrait photographer extraordinaire! Contact Don about booking that glam noir-style photo session if you’re in the NYC or LA areas!

WIT’S END – – The monthly celebration of the Jazz Age in NYC! I host this night with Don Spiro (my guy), and every month we have a live band playing tunes of the 10s-30s, vintage cocktails, a free dance lesson, and great place to connect with other vintage lovers! Vintage/vintage-style evening attire is required- no casual attire is permitted at Wit’s End. Find out who’s on our roster this month, and find out more about our new Chicago franchise to come soon!
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