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obselitism's Journal

Old Things Are Better
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Do you wince when old buildings are decimated? Do you get mad when people say they don't like black and white movies? Do you miss the days when restaurants had actual character instead of croquet mallets tacked to the walls?

JOIN US, OBSELITIST! Let us band together to excorcise the twin demons of technology and homogenization!


Lately people have begun selling things through this community. While crass consumerism is generally not in the spirit of Obselitism, certain selling posts will be tolerated.

1. If you're just going to post an ebay link or a directive to BUY-BUY-BUY, your post will be deleted.

2. If you talk about whatever it is you're selling in an interesting way and put big pictures behind LJ cuts, your post may remain. The description or story behind the item should be the focus of your post.

Hopefully this is a solid compromise.

Moderator: agentdanger
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